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The Kids Love Mountains “Groomer in Training” t-shirt was conceptualized by a family in Teton Village, Wyoming, who have a young son that loves snow groomers. If you also have a kid who is obsessed with snowcats, this comfy tee will elevate their stoke level.
We offer two styles to choose from: The Winch Cat and the Free Groomer.
What’s a Winch Cat? If your little grom is fascinated with these machines, he/she might already know. Winch Cat is specialized with a winch, up to 3500 feet of cable and a swiveling overhead boom. They’re like groomers on steroids, allowing snow to be pulled back up a hill, even on rough terrain. 
Free Groomers are also commonly used by ski resorts. They smooth out ski runs, leaving a corduroy-like texture that can feel blissful on your edges.
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